This is me:


The person behind the halters and collars, is me;


I live in Vang, Hamar, a place in Norway in the Hedmark area. Here the winters get very cold, so an indoors hobby in addition to horses is never wrong Rekker tunge.

In October 2012 I came to buy my very first Arabian mare, she is a beautyful black, Straight Egyptian  named Hayabusa. (Say Amen/ Haswah) . Her grandfather is at the fathers side,  Saud El Ameer (Adhem/Gita RSI) and at the mothers side Raswan (Gharib/Rawyana).  Now, ofcourse she is the reason I started making halters. I was fascinated by the "arabian world", and saw all these beautiful halters - but,  I thought they were rather expensive, and instead of buying one - I made one...two...three...and couldn't stop making them. That is when I started my page, because then I could just continue making halters - and hopefully sell some, so my first floor wouldn't fill up with extra halters... Smiler stort. For me, this is a fun hobby - and I hope others also will find some of it useable Smiler.  I have seen beautiful creations with pearls, swarowski and details from a dream - but then you put it on your horse - on the picture the details do not show. Very sad, but that is how it works. I thought, it would be possible to make a cheaper version, but still get good pictures! That is the reason my halters and collars might not have all those details, but put it on your horse an take a picture - and they look just as good! So, with less details, alternative materials and less expensive pearls, I can set prices much kinder to a horse-owners wallet! And all is happy. Ha ha

 In Norwegian: 

Jeg driver med dette som en hobby, og fordi det er gøy - og har inget utdanningsmessig grunnlag sånn sett. Ingen salmaker, med andre ord. Det gjør at jeg har mine begrensninger mht. materialer, priser og kunnskap - så enkelt sagt; jeg lager tingene mine utav de alternativer jeg har. 

Lærgrimer, wire og den slags krever litt inside-kunnskap utover sunn fornuft, så det har jeg ingen mulighet til å lage. Synd er det - men kan bli mye bra av det jeg har tilgang på også :) . Moro er det læll, sann!!